Affiliate Disclosure

Bizcognito’s main purpose is to give unbiased and in-depth reviews of a variety of software and services. To accomplish this, we spend a lot of money on improving our methodology and research methods and expanding our employees’ knowledge. 

We created this affiliate disclosure so you know exactly how we source the funds to support our work and keep the project going.

About Our Affiliate System

Affiliate links are the primary source of revenue for us. Instead of running intrusive ads that will clutter your view, we only stick to becoming partners with the brands we find fit to be reviewed and listed on our website. So, every time a visitor clicks on a link on our website and purchases a product from any of the brands we review/list, we earn a small commission from the sale. 

How Does it Affect You?

Affiliate links make no difference to the quote or the price you will pay for the product. Being affiliated with a brand also doesn’t have an influence on how we’ll review their products/services, and our evaluations remain unbiased and as detailed as possible regardless of the commission we receive from them.

On a Final Note

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support of our project and for understanding how and why we make the money to sustain it. We pledge to keep providing you with helpful information and honest evaluations in order to assist you in finding the right product/service for your needs.